Hoa Nguyen (Henry)
2 min readFeb 18, 2021
Photo by Alessio Zaccaria on Unsplash

Before earth, before the sky came no mine

Space goes its way and no time to fly

No up no down ten directions embrace the sun

No fate no date nothing to be done

Since a coincidence, hence life becomes

A single leave starts from a chain of predestined some

A no-self sees everything as none

In a sea of none sparks a light of one.

Humans see through their eyes, ears, tongue and nose

They act on behalf of greed, anger and delusion

The roots of all come from attachment to the impermanence

In a jungle of ignorance trapped a sense of self.

When one sees a flower as dirt

A rainbow as nothing more than a water dust

Enlightenment and life are two but only one

A drop of dew sweeps an ocean through

Life starts from dust and departs for dust

Look at the sky; the blue comes by

That blue is not from the eyes

Like fragrance all comes from essence inside.

Photo by Oliver Sjöström on Unsplash



Hoa Nguyen (Henry)

I love to tell stories. My stories cover issues in digital economy, content creation and sometimes, data science.